A little bit about Betty

Raised in a traditional English home, Betty grew up with the tradition of a weekly Sunday lunch, roasted meat and potatoes and all the trimmings. It was a time when the family sat down together, caught up on the week and had a glass of wine (well, her parents anyway!).   

Now, all grown up, Betty does Sunday (and every day) her own way, taking it slow, cooking up something delicious, glass of wine in hand. She cooks for the pleasure of it, the chance to experiment, and the opportunity to try something new. There’s nothing subtle about her food—it’s big-flavor cooking with real personality. A lot like Betty!

My Favs

A little bit about Bite On The Side

Slow The Cook Down, Betty’s other blog, has been successfully online for 5 years. Realizing that there was an ever growing need for easy, fun and creative side dishes, Bite On The Side was born.

Find a huge range of delicious side dishes that are perfect for any occasion. If you just want something tasty to serve up as part of a weeknight family meal or a looking for a show stopper to serve up with your Christmas dinner!